Monday, 1 October 2012

Super Typo Weather System Info Clock

SuperTypo clock that has time, calendar info, System info, World weather.
Android Typographic Digital clock widget with Calendar, Time, System info,weather & forecast
SuperTypo Weather System Information clock,size 4x2
It features:
★ 12 or 24 hour mode
★ Portrait or Landscape mode
★ Color choice for all information displayed on the widget
★ System Information on the widget front or as a pop-up window
★ Shows battery level on the widget
★ Current Weather conditions which include:
+Current temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
+Feels like Temperature
+Wind speed in Km or miles per hour
★ 2 Weather layouts on clock widget(user selected from configuration screen)
★ 2 Forecast layouts(user selected from configuration screen)
★ 4 Day weather forecast that includes for each day:
+High and Low temperature
+Precipitation percentage
+Weather description
★ Sunrise/Sunset times in either Forecast screens
★ Widget hotspots for interaction
+tap bottom right widget corner->return to configuration screen
+tap bottom left widget corner->popup system information window
+tap weather text->launch forecast screen
+tap Hours tab->launch anything!(user selected from configuration screen)
+tap Minutes tab->launch anything!(user selected from configuration screen)

Google Play link
Super Typo Weather System Info Clock

Recent Apps Quick Button

Recent Applications Button Savior
Recent applications button savior. Launch recent apps faster from anywhere.
I created this app to save me a couple of seconds to switch between activities on android. This is for ICS. Its an application that launches the recent applications on ICS without having to press and hold the home button.
This application has 2 icons in your application drawer.
The one launches straight the Recent applications. The other one is a configuration that adds the recent application button in the notification bar for convenience.
You can switch to another recent application from any application you are using in android. Slide the notification bar and launch the Recent Applications.
Tested in ICS with Samsung Galaxy SII.
It will be very useful to Samsung Galaxy SIII owners tired of pressing the home button for 3 seconds, or any other phone with ICS or Jelly Bean.
This application is of no use to android with the soft system buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Link to Google Play
Recent Apps Quick Button

3D Digital Weather Clock on the AppBrain hot apps list

Received a nice email from AppBrain and we thought we would share it with our users.
Thank you all for your support. More things are coming to our clocks.The email:

We would like to congratulate you as your Android app '3D Digital Weather Clock' is now one of the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain(, the website where people find, install and share Android apps.

Your app has reached this spot because many Android users are visiting and installing your app from the dedicated page about it:
Feel free to link to that page to point your users to a convenient place where they can install the app from the web and share it further.

Best regards and good luck with your app!
the AppBrain team