Thursday, 28 October 2010

New version of Sense Analog Clock Released Ver. 2.9.1

Small fix :clock did not show default colors and was starting blank, and users thought it stopped working, or others emailed me and directed them to configuration screen to set color.
Now is fixed and there should no panic. Sorry missed this little code.


Shaun said...

i just noticed that, if you have all display options selected and are using a dark theme, the small alarm bell under the minutes doesn't show up very well. apparently that icon color isn't controlled by the "set color for others" function. just thought you'd want to know.

Factory Widgets said...

Shaun, what do you suggest?
Remove the icon completely?
Replace it with a symbol from the keyboard so it can change color too?

Seeing Anew said...

I have the sense analog clock (small black 4x1) and don't see a way to set the alarm. I've tried tapping all around the widget, including under the minutes area, but can't find a place that triggers the alarm function.

Fabrice said...

Application don't appear on market (htc wildfire)

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