Monday, 1 November 2010

Creating Skins - Submitting Skins

This is very easy to do; all you need is a little knowledge of a graphics application.
Download this template

Open it up in your favorite graphics application and start creating your clock based on it.
Use layers to build over the template .
After finishing up send it to us.

We will be adding skins online as time goes.
We invite all users to send us their skin creations to list on our site.
If you would like your skins to be included online, so other users can use it, please submit them to us
in the form “filename_byJohnDoe.png”

Terms of Use
You agree that:
  • Any work you upload belongs to you. You may remove it at any time.
  • Your artwork may be distributed by any means Factory Widgets chooses to implement, including via the web site, Android applications (paid or unpaid), and as a part of a collection zip file.
  • Factory Widgets may not sell rights to or copies of your artwork.
  • Factory Widgets may profit from advertisements, donations, and app purchases in venues where your artwork is distributed
  • You understand that like such services as YouTube and Flickr, Factory Widgets Blog is a content distributor, not a content creator.
You agree that:
  • You will download artwork only for use on your devices
  • You will not distribute any artwork without the express approval of the artist
  • You will not include any artwork in any product you create without the express approval of the artist