Monday, 20 December 2010

FlipClock BlackOut Widget 4x2 on the AppBrain hot apps list

Received a nice email from AppBrain and we thought we would share it with our users.
Thank you all for your support. More things are coming to our clocks.The email:

Congratulations! Your Android app 'FlipClock BlackOut Widget 4x2' is now one of the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain (, the website where people find, install and share Android apps.

Your app has reached this spot because many Android users are visiting and installing your app from the dedicated page about it:
Feel free to link to that page to point your users to a convenient place where they can install the app from the web and share it further.

Best regards,
the AppBrain team


Jerry said...

I LOVE this widget but there seems to be a problem on my phone with the current weather setting. i can place 92109 in the box and Up comes San Diego. But within a mater of time it goes back to London, GBR weather... I couldn't find your email address anywhere.


El Sledgo said...

Nice widget, but appears to have a problem when used with a Motorola Defy's Motoblur. The widget shows up as a 3x1 tile, but cannot be resized.

When installed on same phone under Launcher Pro, it works fine.

El Sledgo

Daily charter said...

New update killed it. I know what it is though. The weather part isn't working. Personal phone auto updated so it pops up saying unfortunately app stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled and told it not to add weather and it works fine. My guess is the coding of the site the weather pulls from is down and not anything wrong with app. Just a problem with weather site it pulls from. This happens one other time and it magically started working again with no update. That time I posted a review in app store and thought maybe you all seen it and got in touch with the weather page and ask them to fix. Love the widget more than ever!

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