Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sense Analog Clock Widget Dark on the AppBrain hot apps list

Received a nice email from AppBrain and we thought we would share it with our users.
Thank you all for your support. More things are coming to our clocks.The email:

Congratulations! Your Android app 'Sense Analog Clock Widget Dark' is now one of the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain (, the website where people find, install and share Android apps.

Your app has reached this spot because many Android users are visiting and installing your app from the dedicated page about it:
Feel free to link to that page to point your users to a convenient place where they can install the app from the web and share it further.

Best regards,
the AppBrain team


Unknown said...

Where are you pulling your weather data? Case in Point, Portland, Oregon is WAY off compared with all other weather services, including the offical weather ID from PDX International Airport. Listing 34 and your app publishes 28. No other weather meter in our tri-county area is listing that. when i enter in other cities in the area, they match up correctly.

Nicholas Cortez said...

Its not on my phone

Fort Myers said...

Hi, first let me say I absolutely loved your app until the last upgrade, and then my p.o.s. Motorola i1 would force close is it because I'm on crummy Sprint/Nextel network? Or is it cause the lame Android 1.5 os? Sad they tricked us into an obsolete phone then won't even support us...oh well could you guys maybe try to fix compatibility issues for the i1? Please, please, please?
Thank you in advance!

behzat cihangir Ulu said...


Lissa M said...

I don't know what happened to both the light & dark versions of this app this weekend 6/8-9 but they have stopped displaying the 2nd digit of the minutes. Have uninstalled & reinstalled both with no fix. Could not locate an email address to report the issue....please, fix!

Danny Fogel said...

Will not work on my Android or my Lg exceed will not set any weather location?


Just stopped working. Thought it was a conflict with Galaxy S4,but I see others posting the same issue. Hope the fix it soon.

daily roberts said...

Sorry for double post but just fyi mine is for the flipclock blackout one and not sense.

Hey bud just wanted to let you know the weather part of the widget has stopped working again. I know this could be on the weather sites code that the widget pulls from but if not just wanted to let you know. You get a ? Mark where weather icon should be and in the settings when you type your zip code or city ot just doesn't pull any locations.

Thanks for such an awsome widget. I wouldn't own a phone without it. And like i said it could just be the weather site the script pulls from but just incase it wasn't i wanted to make you aware.


John Lanford said...

please fix your app! It's features are great fit customization and i have been using it for some time; but now the weather will not work. I attempt to enter a location and all I get is a "?".

Rod Hardman said...

Sense Analogue Clock still not fixed weather after months they are useless. How can it be in the top 10 apps it does not work get real.

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