Tuesday, 8 June 2010

About work created on the android market

Dear all,
thanks for all your support and your nice comments on the android market.

I started creating widgets in an effort to bring the lovely designs created by many people (not only me) to you. Wonderful clocks enjoyed only by people with root.

The clocks are one design per widget so people would have the choice of trying, and if they dont like it uninstall and move to the next one. I have no intention of bundling many designs in one widget because each person's preferences are different. Why force users have designs they don't like and waste space on their phone.

Many users ask (and demand using the star system as leverage to this and that unless...). My answer to this is that a clock is a clock, it shows time, well and accurately.

Much effort is being done for anything on the market, by everybody, and to be able to achieve that i steal time from my family and friends just to give android users choice and android OS a little push.

Regarding the digital clocks, yes of course they don't flip, and doing that would cost they user increased installation size on their phone and battery use.
Android does not support animation on widgets.

I try answer to all emails, and even cater for users requests when i have time.

Thank you all.


sainttjames said...


Many thanks for a great clean clock design. May I suggest (if time permits) would it be possible to provide a GMT offset and text field underneath the clock so one could post multiple clocks on a screen at different time zones?

Micro Numeric 2 Clock 1x1
Regardless, thanks again,

(ps. this might be a double post as blogger did something odd after the first - my apologies if so).

Emanuele said...

Hi. I'm using one off your beautiful clock. The only problem is that tapping on it doesn't OpenOffice the clock ab alarm application. Is it possible to add such function? Thanks

Michael said...

I love the simplicity of your clocks. Would you be willing to make my company logo into a clock? I can send you .jpg, .tif, or .gif graphics.

It would be much appreciated.


Luk S said...

I'm favorite of analog clocks and these are very simple and nice.

Some suggestions :
1) possibility when clicking on the clock to jump to "clock overview" of android to set alarm / timers / ...
2) an analog clock 1x1 + date (+ weather)
(I don't see the use of the 4x1 with analog + digital clock)

greetings and keep on ...

Rolando said...

I just want to say that I love this widget! Ever since I rooted and lost sense on my phone I was looking for a good clock that would be close to the same thing. Well this clock is 10 times better! I do wish that it would use gps or wifi or what not to get the weather but besides that this is an awesome widget! Thank you!

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