Saturday, 31 July 2010

How to put a widget on your Phone screen

Hello again,
This is a short guide how to add a widget on your screens.

First of all Its a widget, its not an application.
Long click on one of your screens until a popup menu appears,
(make sure there is available empty space for the widget) then choose widgets
and then scroll down until you see the clock and select it.
It will appear on your screen.

or checkout this video which is very nice

If you still have questions please contact me any time.



drew white said...

Love it!

Definitely would be special to have a second hand too (and click through to the clock or alarm menu as suggested elsewhere) :)

Paul said...

Not sure this is the best way to contact you but here goes: Just started to use the 4x2 Sense Clock. Its terrific. I want to change the tap shortcut I assigned to the clock. I deleted the widget and then uninstalled and rebooted. Still has the same shortcut when I reinstall. How can I change it? Thanks!

Nimitzzz said...

Hi please contact me I would like to offer your app through my direct channels at the new android appstores of leading mobile carriers.


Nimrd May

1candydick said...

Is is it possible to add the name of the town like in the standard stock clock?

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nora nor said...

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